Battle on Commercials is on as Samsung strikes against Apple with three new Brilliant ads

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Nowadays, if you want to breath in the market and survive, you need to know the new tactics and tricks to get the attention of the customers. Samsung starts the battle on commercials against Apple with brilliant ads which got a few new clips titled Fast Charger, Dongle and Camera - pretty self explanatory.


Setting the theme of faux Apple store with Apple employee that answers iPhone X question of Galaxy S9/S9+, and didn’t bother to clear the issue at all.

The very first ad was Speed which highlight the Galaxy S9/S9+’s super awesome feature; Gigabit LTE support, granting it double the LTE download speeds.

All these three ads focused on iPhone X’s headphone with no jack, its camera and hoax of fast charging. At least Galaxy are enriched with fast charging.

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