Ever wished to survive living alone, here is the solution!

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If you ever wish to live alone and survive in the daily routine of modern life by maintaining your home pursuit, than we brought you the gift. Make a list of the most difficult task and the most important one, you will surely add one thing to it regardless to your routine; dish-washing.


Operated by a motor, this dish washer will give you the freedom and benefit of quick washing of dishes used in breakfast, lunch or dinner time. We bit this is the perfect partner if you are living alone or with a lazy roommate. All you need to do is to fix the dish in the jaw and click the start button and the rest iscleaning, easily done by your partner!

Hand held motorized scrubbing brush device does all the cleaning and makes your hands away from the filth of sink water with only one promise from your side; charge the battery on time.

The magic machine consists of a pair of retractable arms for the safe and secure holding of the dish, plates, cups, pans, bowls and all the other shapes and sizes while cleaning is being done by spinning motor.


The machine wants you to promise just one thing to continue quality cleaning and efficient running, please recharge me on time. Once you done the charging, it will work for all the cleaning stuff for atleast one week.


The perfection can be judged by the working. This machine, which can also be called robot for survivor does cleaning the dish from both sides in one turn. Spend $80 excluding the cost of importing and the magical robot is yours.

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