LG stylo 2: Getting Nougat update?

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Good news for T-Mobile customers, three months ago, promised Nougat update. People who bought LG StyloplusSubcarrier would not be disappointed that T-Mobile announced in February sboutthe Android update that is available for download for download.

Without further explanation, the US Company also refused to mention any Android 7.0 that browses the website with its help because this update only adds another security patch. Today, T-Mobile has again confirmed that the Android 7.0 Nokia is updating the pen plus 2. If you have a smartphone, you should find the V55020a version, which will have to upgrade the operating system and Android 7.0.

Keep in mind that it is deployed, so it can take up to two days before all LG Pen 2 plus devices are affected. If it does not come soon on your phone, you want to manually check the updates. In addition to the new features in Android 7.0, the TT mobile in the update claims that various bug fixes and software improvements improve.

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