Samsung galaxy grand prime: Does it have Iris Scanner?

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Last month, we have seen that Samsung's 3D definitions could not be as a permanent as the alternative to the scanner on the next Samsung Galaxy S10. It may be a good approach and quiet possible that this news is true. The XDA Madman Men 96385 found that Galaxy Grand Prime 2018 versions cannot offer Samsung to its major stores in the future. The name of the center box shows that the XDA was already displayed in the model number list.

Updates 2018...

According to the word "Eres", which is part of the Galaxy Grand Prime number, the word "dm 96385" confirms that some firmware files have been confirmed. These files include a driver called ktd2692_iris, indicating that the standard driver ktd2692 (LED front) will be used to run the LED.

Again in 2018, a Korean Herald report announced that Samsung will start purchasing medium range with the ability to digitalize some time in 2019. According to this report, it will be related to the Glass Gandhi Fairy 2018. Other Champs Force devices include Galaxy Gandhi Press plusExynos 7870 screen, 540x960 5.5-inch screen, and 3,630-megapixel batteries. XDA Check the source link for the originator of this developer and see the complete list of GPG PP forces


According to the available firmware files, the Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime 2018 ktd2692_iris is the Snow Scanner Driver. Looking for fast internet does not show the presence of the infrared driver, although there is no standard LED flash driver ktd2692. It may be possible to use the LED flash driver for the IR to reduce the Samsung expenses. I cannot say that this identity will be possible, but this document tells us that the use of infrared LED flash is possible.


Like the remaining specifications, Galaxy Grand Prime 2018 will clearly be an economical smartphone. We do not have a complete description of this device because firmware as the files were not completed, but we can see them. This device focuses on the screen and slides the set to focus on its key selling points: Camera and IIS scanner.


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