LG V10: Quickest review, specifications details & a lot more!

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LG V10 is the second big device in a smartphone market in Korea in 2015. This has the best performance from LG previous series. It features a metal + silicone line details (Dora leather) and a unique "secondary display". Regularly placed above the plate. Basic and secondary screens are part of the same panel, but on the secondary screen, they have their own back control and screen light. This panel is always available (if you want to use it like this) and it took a long time to use your device or to disable display.


It has a 5.7 inch HD drive (2560 x 1440), 4 GB ram and 64GB of internal space (up to 128GB upgradeable with a small SD card). The SOC 803 Qualcomm device is a 64-bit sniper that feeds on a 3000-megapixel battery. A 16-megapixel OIS shooter is placed behind this phone and is absorbed by two LEDs, two adjustable shades and auto fax. The dual lens 5-megapixel camera (two sensors for a camera) is located next to this phone, and the Android 5.1.1 laptop is first installed and the first installing LG UX interface above the Google operating system... The LG V10 is 159.6 x 79.3 x 8.6 mm, while weighs 192 grams.


The LG V10 is one of the biggest handsets of 2015. The factory offers a lot of offers, and if you are still searching for annoying screens, you are taking them here. According to LL, "Secondary Screen" will reach 5% of your phone's total battery, which is not the most important to it ever. This phone is definitely interesting, with strong springs and a secondary screen that produces several production levels, but it is not cheap for any part of the imagination. If you want to spend premiums on the best devices, and want to get such a great camera as part of the package, LGV10 may be your device.


In addition to the new smartphone, LG also reviewed Smart Studio. One of the key features and features of the watch, most other smartphones is that it can be used as a dynamic device that includes synchronization. Depending on the design of smart roads, this clock is the latest version of Arbin. So, we have the status of a traditional watch on this person, despite increasing the number of glasses. According to these sources, the LG Watch Urbane 2nd edition is equipped with 480 x 480 resolution with 1.38 inch OLED display. Internal, Watch Urbane's second edition contains 768 MB and Qualcomm snap drag 400 processor (1.2 GHz).

Additional features include 4 GB internal memory, 570 MB, water and dust resistant (IP67), plus sensor, gauge, gauge, compass, PPG sensor, and GPS. Remember that Aruban 2nd Edition Bluetooth 4.1, WiFi or Exactly, its main selling feature can connect through 3G and 4G.Phone is an excellent example for many emerging setups, and continue to develop into more fascinating use of technology.

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